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Rebuilt vs New
The Advantages of a Rebuilt Hydraulic Shear

If you are considering purchasing a hydraulic bar shear, you may be faced with the decision process of buying a new or remanufactured shear and asking yourself what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? If remanufactured correctly, the answer to this question should be an easy one if you are seeking a cost-effective solution. A remanufactured hydraulic bar shear offers the following advantages over a new unit:

  1. Cost — A remanufactured bar shear should be substantially less cost, which will enhance your return on investment and ease your budget approval process.
  2. Time — Faster build and delivery time.
  3. Comparable Technology — There have been limited technological upgrades to hydraulic bar shears and bar shearing over the past 40 years, thus making a remanufactured shear comparable to a new model.
  4. Upgradable — A remanufactured bar shear can be upgraded with modern applications such as mechanical back gauges and electrical components.
  5. Quality — The quality of a remanufactured bar shear will not be inferior to a new unit, as many parts on both will be the same and it will operate within the original specification tolerances.
  6. Flexibility — Purchasing a remanufactured bar shear will not compromise the flexibility of your operation because it can be integrated with a new or existing material handling system.
  7. Warranty and Spare Parts — A remanufactured bar shear from Advanced Equipment Systems will include a warranty and the company stocks spare parts and knives.

The buyer of a hydraulic bar shear faces a variety of purchasing factors, but if you are looking for a turnkey solution to save your company money without compromising performance, the only difficult decision you may have to make when buying a remanufactured bar shear is the paint color.

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