Steel & Aluminum Billet, Bar and Tube Handling for Metal Processing

Ingot Marking & Handling System Ingot Marking & Handling System
material handling equipment, bar unscrambler Bar Unscramblers
material handling equipment, bar feeder Bar Feeder & Inclined Storage Table
material handling equipment, chain tables Chain Table
material handling equipment, chain tables Tube Mill Accumulation Table

Advanced Equipment Systems (AES) manufactures a wide range of material handling systems for bar, billet, tube, rod, angle and rebar. Our equipment is engineered to withstand years of heavy operation and dependable service. We offer on-site installation and service and we stock a wide range of replacement parts. Our steel, aluminum, stainless and alloy material handling systems include:

  • Bar Unscramblers
  • Drag Chain Tables
  • Bar / Inclined Storage Tables
  • Bar Feed Tables & Conveyors
  • Bar Stacking Systems
  • Cradle Stacking Equipment
  • Bundle Transfer Conveyors
  • Walking Beams
  • Bin Tippers
  • Saw Tables

Bar Unscramblers

AES has manufactured more than 600 bar unscramblers and related products and developed the first patented bar unscrambler, which is now the industry standard. We manufacture bar unscramblers and material handling equipment for steel bar stock from 3/8 inch diameter to 8 inch diameter, up to 60 feet long, and with weight capacities from 1,000 to 50,000 pounds. Small diameter bar unscramblers require unique design features that AES has refined based on its comprehensive experience and all our equipment is designed to withstand harsh operating environments.


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